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  • 1 year of support and updates (50% off future renewals)
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  • Use EasyBay Pro on unlimited personal websites
  • 1 year of support and updates (50% off future renewals)
EasyBayPro - Multi Site Rights

Hey There,

Chris Guthrie Here and thanks for stopping by this page.
I’ll make this brief and straight to the point.

As an owner of several websites, I’m always looking for was to simplify the tedious work that’s required to make my sites as profitable as possible.

One of the ways that I’ve been able to produce revenue from my sites has been by promoting eBay products through their Partner Network.

It’s a great way to create passive income through your web properties, yet for some reason, it’s an afterthought for most website owners.

If you haven’t been making the money you should be from your sites, here’s some food for thought

Despite all the craze about Amazon in recent years, eBay is still responsible for over 16% of all online purchases worldwide.

That’s good for the #2 online marketplace and just 4 percentage points behind Amazon.

There are over 6,000,000 new products listed each and every day on eBay

Regardless of your niche, there is no shortage of products on eBay for you to promote to your audience.
That being said, there are a few challenges that promoting eBay products present.

The Challenges With eBay’s Partner Network

For starters, eBay At Its Core Started As An Auction Site.

You have to really be on top of the listings you are marketing and keep track of when they expire.

Once they do expire, you’ll need to redirect your visitors and swap it out for another listing so you’re not wasting your hard-earned traffic.

The more listings you’re promoting, the more hectic and confusing this becomes. As I’m sure you can relate, managing several listings requires constant monitoring, which is a huge time suck.

Secondly, Setting Up Listings On Your Sites Takes A Lot Of Time.

I’m a big fan of working efficiently and doing things as quickly as possible. Unfortunately with eBay, embedding listings and properly setting up affiliate links takes a lot of time.

You have to mess around with code, check that everything is tracking properly and most importantly, looks good on your sites.

And if you want to promote a lot of products on eBay, it can be extremely time consuming and tedious to manually setup all of your affiliate campaigns.

Save Time & Earn More Money With EasyBay Pro

Aside from affiliate marketing and building websites, I pride myself on creating software solutions that save website owners like you and I time, and most importantly earn more money.

In fact, you might be familiar with one of our flagship products, EasyAzon, which our users absolutely love.
Check out what they have to say:

With the massive success that was EasyAzon, it made perfect sense for me to apply that same framework and apply it to my eBay marketing efforts as well.

So, I got with my development team and shortly thereafter, EasyBay Pro was born.

From The Creators Of EasyAzon,
We’re Proud To Introduce...

EasyBay Pro: Your All-In-One eBay Partner Network Listing Tool For WordPress

With the EasyBay Pro WordPress Plugin You’ll Be Able To Rapidly List Ebay Products On Your Sites And Generate The Commissions You’ve Been Missing Out On

Here’s An In Depth Look At How EasyBay Pro Works In Just 3 Short Steps

We developed EasyBay Pro to make life easy and save you time. Upon installation, you’ll be prompted to set up your eBay Developer program & Partner Network credentials. This allows your site to communicate with eBay and get product data, and more importantly track commissions on the traffic that you send to eBay.

Next, you’ll want to go ahead and select your default product search page. No matter where in the world your traffic is, EasyBay Pro has you covered. After entering your developer details, simply select the default eBay Site that you’d like to search for products on.

Set it up once and you’re good to start promoting!

Now that you’ve configured EasyBay Pro, it’s time to start promoting!
Simply create a new post and hit the EasyBay Pro button.

You can search and choose from the following options for products that you’d like to promote and display on your site:

Once you’ve selected your display settings, choose the Ebay Site you’d like to direct traffic to and hit insert and that’s it! You’ve now got your post created and the products will be displayed on your site.

With EasyBay Pro, there’s no need to mess around with code or waste time manually setting up your partner links, as they are automatically added creating your page.

We’ve designed EasyBay Pro to take care of all the tedious work and heavy lifting that you’d otherwise be burdened with.

EasyBay Pro creates pages that look great and are primed to convert your traffic into sales.

Have a look at some of the intuitive features we’ve built into the design of EasyBay Pro:

EasyBay Pro is Mobile Responsive

Did you know that as of June 2013, over 33% of Ebay Transactions occurred on a mobile device? It’s obvious that mobile isn’t going anywhere and it’s becoming more and more important to be optimized for it. All EasyBay Pro pages are mobile responsive to ensure that your promotions look great regardless of the device your traffic is on.

Dynamic Product Listings

Easybay Pro gives you the option to promote multiple items in a category, such as most popular, most watched or the top selling. But what happens if a product expires or there is a change in the top selling or most popular items?

Not to worry, EasyBay Pro has you covered!

If a product listing expires, or if there is a change in the top selling items you are displaying, there’s no need to manually change your page or monitor the listings - EasyBay Pro dynamically updates all of your listings for you.

Insert As Many Listings As You Want At A Single Time

With EasyBay Pro you can individually control how many product listings should be inserted into your post, giving you control over how much you monetize your website.

Listings In Your Sidebar With Widgets

Want to promote products in your sidebar? EasyBay Pro has widget support that allows you to do just that with all the functionality of our in-post product listings.

Works with any location where eBay does business

Not focused on US traffic only? EasyBay Pro has you covered! You have the option to direct your traffic to Ebay’s international sites upon setting up your pages. These locations include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. You can even create links for eBay Motors.

Automatically Insert Listings At The End Of Posts

Want to set EasyBay Pro up once and automate your listings? We’ve got you covered. Configure the built-in Autopost feature in EasyBay Pro one time and you’ll have product listings automatically inserted at the end of each post on your site. You can also toggle this feature off/on on individual posts as you see fit.

List Products As Images or Links

EasyBay Pro allows you to control how you want your listings to look. Choose from product images, which are pulled from the product thumbnail, or, for a simpler feel, you can list products as links only.

Real-Time Scarcity On Your Listings

It’s proven time and time again that countdown timers increase click through rates and conversions by leveraging scarcity. With EasyBay Pro, your product listings include a countdown timer that updates in real-time based on the ending date of each product.

EasyBay Pro Customer Testimonials

In under 24 hours on the market we had a customer testimonial come in from someone already actively using EasyBay Pro. Here's what he had to say:

I have used Chris’ other Amazon plugins on the majority of my niche sites and have seen the amazing capability of them along with a tremendous time savings that comes from building affiliate links with the plugin instead of manually.  When I received the email from Chris about EasyBay Pro being released, I knew I had to have it.  One of my niche sites is monetized 100% with eBay Partner Network and it was getting neglected due to the amount of time it took to build each link/post.  In comes Easybay Pro.  Once I had the plugin installed and setup I was literally able to build numerous amounts of EPN links in the same amount of time it used to take me to build just one link/post. I’m really pleased with the Easybay Pro plugin and would recommend it to anyone with an Ebay Partner Network account!

Russ D Niche Marketer

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Developer Rights

  • Use EasyBay Pro on unlimited personal websites
  • Use EasyBay Pro on unlimited client websites
  • Use EasyBay Pro on websites to flip
  • 1 year of support and updates (50% off future renewals)
EasyBayPro - Developer Site Rights

Multi Site Rights

  • Use EasyBay Pro on unlimited personal websites
  • 1 year of support and updates (50% off future renewals)
EasyBayPro - Multi Site Rights

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